As part of the Barcamp Dortmund a Data Mining Hackathon will take place in a dedicated room.

The Datathon is an event organized by the Data Mining group of the TU Dortmund. In two days, groups of two to four people come together and play with ideas and code, to solve real world problems in creative ways.

We will have as invited guest goedle.io, a startup from Dortmund located in Cologne and Berlin.

goedle.io’s customers want to understand why their app’s users churn. Ideally, they also want to obtain marketing recommendations which will help to prevent user churn. In order to make an app more attractive to the user, the app has to learn the individual user’s behavior. Sounds obvious, but it’s not that simple. We help vendors and app developers to improve the user experience through personalization. To achieve this, two factors are of great importance: data and algorithms. Today tracking user data in apps is a commodity, however, this is only possible with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence. We are now able to process user data, make predictions on their future behavior, and generate customer insights. goedle.io provides an end-to-end solution that can be integrated with a single click.


Together with the Data Mining group of the TU Dortmund, you will collaborate intensively to come up with your on own ideas and code to make sense of the user churn data. Everybody is welcome and collaboration is encouraged over competition.

Don’t forget to bring your laptops, we will provide you with data, tools and support. If you don’t have a team, you can meet new people and join strengths during the event.

And if you don’t know about Data Mining or Machine Learning, but you are willing to learn and can come with ideas, you are also welcome.